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Customer Rewards Program

Bargains, Benefits and Bonuses

We know that our happiest customers, and those who get the best results, are the ones who use the broadest range of our products on the most consistent basis.

Our business partners earn monthly cash bonuses, cars, trips and other rewards, but we also want our good customers (both Retail and Member) to receive some additional benefit from making the healthy Shaklee choice in their lives. So we have instituted this incentive program just for them!

Here are the benefits and qualifications for our Customer Rewards Program. The qualifications are based on PERSONAL purchases only, not those of Members or Customers you may have introduced to us. (But we have programs that reward you for that activity as well...):

bronze medal


Consumers of 300+ PV points
per calendar Quarter

$25 Gift Card*

Equivalent to FREE Shipping

silver medal


Consumers of 750+ PV points
per calendar quarter

$50 Gift Card*

Equivalent to FREE Shipping plus...
A Family Outing

gold medal


Consumers of $1,500+ PV points
per calendar quarter

$125 Gift Card*

Equivalent to FREE Shipping plus...
A Spa Visit or Dinner & a Show

Rewards are sent out January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15 for rewards earned in the previous quarter

*We personalize your reward selection – for example, a gift card to your favorite restaurant or store

How some loyal customers use their rewards

Some of the other benefits our consistent customers enjoy:

We also know that our happiest customers are the best educated

We offer an ongoing program we call “Learn & Earn”. Ask us about the rewards you can earn for adding to your nutritional and environmental education. We use a combination of printed, online, CD and DVD educational materials, plus special bonus events.

Here’s how to start... Review the content and links on our Paying It Forward page. Make sure you've watched all the videos. Then call us at 603-494-3420 to discuss what you hear in that content and earn FREE SHIPPING on your next order. We'll give you more details on “Learn & Earn” at that time.